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This name is a combination of two words, “Koh and Hat” meaning mountain market i.e. a bazar situated in the mountain, although that is disputed as Koh, meaning ‘hill’ is Persian and Hat (pronounced as ‘Hut’ is a Sanskrit word. Words from these two languages are rarely combined to form one word. Kohat:- Kohat (Pashto: کوهاټ) is a medium sized town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located at 33°35’13N 71°26’29E with an altitude of 489 metres (1607 feet) and is the capital of Kohat District. The town centres around a British-era fort, various bazaars, and a military cantonment. A British-built narrow gauge railway runs through the town. Kohat Pass is to the north.


Kotal Township Phase-I

The site selection for Kotal Township Phase-I was made in 1979, which is situated along Kohat-Peshawar Road at about 2 kilometers to the north of Kohat city.

Kotal Township Phase-II

The site for Kotal Township Phase-II was selected in 1986, which is situated towards the eastern side of Phase-I and one kilometer away from Gulshan Abad Chowk on Kohat-Peshawar road.

About KDA

KDA Phase-I

Phase-I, which is located at a distance of 2 kilometers from Kohat on Peshawar Road was approved in December 1979. It is spread over an area of 390 acres. Total number of residential plots of various categories is 2500 approximately. This Phase is complete and it has all basic facilities like infrastructure, utility services, etc.

KDA Phase-II

Phase-II was announced by the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in October 1981. It comprises of an area of 670 acres, having about 4606 residential units of different sizes with an estimated population of 31000 persons. The scheme is partially completed. A number of institutions, a grid station, a hospital are under construction. The external electrification and gas supply are also underway.


Following functions are assigned under Section 17 of the Urban Planning Ordinance:

  1. The location, distribution (zoning), characteristic and intensity of land uses and development of land for agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial public or other purposes.
  2. Urban infrastructure development plans inclusive of health, education, recreational facilities, sports facilities, communications and traffic management.
  3. The location, distribution, characteristic, rehabilitation and development of public and private housings.
  4. Plans for preservation and protection of open spaces and historical/archaeological sites of the province.
  5. Plans for preservation and protection of open spaces and historical/archaeological sites of the province.
  6. Plan for development of new housing schemes in the urban areas.
  7. Plan for acquisition of land and its allocation including terms and conditions of sale or lease for public purposes.
  8. The development, improvement or provision of public facilities and services such as transportation, traffic circulation system are three components, industrial, public utility, educational, health, sanitation, community and recreational facilities and other environmental facilities/services.
  9. Execution of developmental works reflected in the provincial/federal annual development programs (ADP) of other provincial/federal departments as a deposit works such as water supply schemes, sanitation schemes, prestigious buildings, major roads, overhead bridges and under passes, sports complex, etc.
  10. Any other objectives may be prescribed.


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